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Common Uber & Rideshare Injury Questions

How to Handle the Aftermath of an Uber Accident as a Passenger

Ridesharing services like Uber are supposed to make the experiences of commuting and traveling better. You do not book a ride with them while thinking in the back of your mind that you may need the services of an Uber accident lawyer. Unfortunately, that can happen from time to time.

For one reason or another, your Uber driver was involved in an accident and you suffered injuries. What will happen next in that scenario? Will you be compensated for what happened?

Those are some of the questions people tend to ask after being involved in an Uber accident. Find out the answer to them after going through this article.

Determining Fault in an Uber Accident

Determining fault in any car accident case is crucial because damages may need to be awarded at some point. If you got injured because of what happened, you must receive compensation. The party tasked with providing you with said compensation will depend on who is liable for the accident.

First off, the party responsible for the accident could be the other driver. Their carelessness may have led to them hitting your Uber driver’s vehicle. In that case, that driver’s insurance provider will be the one tasked with compensating you for your losses.

Of course, there are instances where people get on the road even without insurance. In those cases, that other driver must cover your losses out of their pocket.
Uber’s uninsured motorist coverage could also come into play if the responsible party does not have insurance.

It is also possible that your Uber driver is the one responsible for the accident. In that case, your compensation may come from their personal insurance policy. Uber’s liability coverage could also come into play at some point.

The state of Texas following the modified comparative fault principle could further complicate matters. Since that rule divvies up the blame, if more than one party is deemed responsible for the accident, it may also affect where your compensation comes from.

As you can see, securing compensation following an Uber accident is easier said than done, even if you were the passenger. Partner up with an Uber accident attorney if you would prefer to leave the handling of that matter up to a legal professional.

Dealing with Uber Following the Accident

Uber advises passengers to do three simple things after an accident takes place.

The first thing Uber urges their passengers to do is check if all the parties involved in the accident are safe. Depending on what happened during the accident, Uber also encourages their passengers to contact the police. If paramedics are needed, Uber advises their passengers to call them as well.

Lastly, Uber wants their passengers to contact them after the accident.

You can contact Uber by heading to the Trips and Fare Adjustments menu in their app. Once you are in there, you can provide your trip information. After providing your trip information, you can start detailing what happened.

Reporting the accident to Uber is a smart move on your part. By doing so, you create a record of the report, which could come in handy later when you seek compensation.

However, you should also know that reporting what happened to Uber could lead to them reaching out to you as well. A representative from Uber may contact you. During that conversation, they may try to get you to say something about not pursuing compensation.

Uber is in the business of making money, so it should come as no surprise if they do whatever they can to protect their bottom line. You need to prepare for that.
Repeating what you said in your report previously is fine. Be careful if the representative starts to take the conversation in another direction. At that point, you can tell them to contact your Uber accident lawyer because you do not intend to say anything else.

The Importance of Pursuing Compensation

After an accident, some passengers may feel like they should let things slide. Since they feel relatively fine after the accident, they are content to let it go and not seek compensation.

Ultimately, it is your choice if you want to work with an Uber accident attorney to get compensation for the accident. Remember, you could be exposing yourself to some potentially significant losses if you opt against going after the compensation you deserve.

Medical Bills Can Be Expensive

By declining the opportunity to pursue compensation, you are effectively accepting the possibility that you will pay for your treatment yourself. That is a big risk to take on your part since car accidents can cause some serious injuries.

Some of the injuries you may sustain following an accident include concussions, whiplash injuries, and even injuries to your spine. Treating those injuries could be costly. It would be better if the responsible party’s insurance covered it.

Car accidents can also cause soft tissue injuries such as contusions, sprains, and strains. Though they are relatively minor, those injuries can still be painful and limit your physical capabilities. On top of that, OrthoInfo notes that some soft tissue injuries take a long time to heal.

Considering how your accident-related injuries could impact you moving forward, it would only be fair for the responsible party to cover their treatment.

Your Property May Be Damaged

Items you brought along for your Uber ride, such as your laptop or smartphone, could end up sustaining serious damage. Repairing those items may be necessary. If the damage is severe enough, replacing them may be your only option.

The party responsible for the accident should repair or replace your damaged possessions. Make that happen by suing for compensation.

You May Suffer Other Losses

The impact the Uber accident has on you could go beyond injuries and property damage.

Because of what happened, you may also find yourself unable to work. It may not take long before you lose your job.

You may also find yourself unable to enjoy your old hobbies. The accident can also inflict lasting mental trauma that causes you to feel uneasy whenever you are inside a car.

Those are also significant losses. You deserve proper compensation for them.

The aftermath of an Uber accident can be difficult to handle. Make it easier to manage by partnering with Barrus Injury Lawyers. Contact us today and let us serve as your Uber accident lawyer.

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