Any type of car accident can have horrific consequences. Even so, head-on collisions stand out for how dangerous they are. When you hit another vehicle head-on, there is little you can do to protect yourself in the moments before the crash.

The chances of you walking away from a head-on collision unscathed are slim. However, if you are ever involved in that type of accident, you should look into hiring a head-on collision lawyer immediately.

Our San Antonio car accident lawyers will talk more about head-on collisions throughout this article and highlight the different ways your head-on collision attorney can be helpful in that scenario.

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What Is a Head-On Crash?

What type of car accident causes the most fatalities each year? You may be surprised to learn that a head-on car accident answers that question. A head-on collision occurs when a vehicle’s front portion smashes into another object. The other object could be a wall or a building. The object in question could also be the front portion of another vehicle moving in the opposite direction.

Head-on collisions generate powerful force. Sometimes, the force generated during that type of accident is powerful enough to send the cars sliding out of control. In rare cases, the cars involved in the crash may even roll over. These types of car crashes are notorious for taking lives. They are especially deadly because the drivers involved experience the full force of the impact. Even an airbag deploying can only do so much to shield the driver in that instance.

Head-on car crashes can cause catastrophic damage and harm. Do not hesitate to take legal action against the driver that caused your head-on crash. Hire a head-on collision accident lawyer and hold them responsible for what happened.

How Often Do Auto Accidents and Head-On Collisions Occur in Texas?

We already mentioned that head-on car crashes are known for being deadly, but how dangerous are they? Some statistics should allow us to understand the dangers of those accidents better. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 13,845 passengers died in head-on car crashes in 2020. To put it another way, 58% of the passenger vehicle occupants killed in car accidents that year were involved in head-on collisions.

Crashes, where the initial point of impact was at the side of the vehicle, were the second-most deadly. They accounted for 23% of the fatalities that year.
The difference in fatality rates for side and head-on crashes is staggering. They speak to how inherently dangerous head-on collisions are. San Antonio residents should also note that a significant number of those fatalities were in Texas. Per the Texas Department of Transportation, 537 people were killed in head-on crashes in 2020.

We cannot afford to ignore the risk of being involved in a head-on collision. However, you must also be ready to take appropriate action if you are ever involved in one. Talk to a head-on collision accident attorney soon after your crash to put yourself in a position to receive compensation.

What Are Some of the Causes of Head On Accidents?

How do head-on crashes unfold? Numerous factors contribute to the occurrence of those accidents. We will highlight those contributing factors in this section of the article. Reading up on them should also help you become more mindful of them. In addition, the bits of information included here could help you avoid a disastrous crash in the future.

Intoxicated Driving

It is no secret that drunk drivers are highly dangerous. Their lack of awareness makes them unpredictable. At any point in time, they could veer off their designated lane and hit your vehicle head-on. An intoxicated driver may not even realize they are about to collide with another vehicle. They may see the lights coming from your car and only shield their eyes without moving. A crash will be inevitable at that point.

Pursue legal action together with your car accident attorney upon learning that the driver who caused your head-on crash was intoxicated before the moment of impact.

Impaired Driving

Everyone knows that driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is incredibly reckless behavior. That said, we need to highlight the fact that impaired driving can be as dangerous. The impairments drivers experience can vary in nature.

For instance, the impairment you are dealing with could be fatigue. You may be in no condition to drive because your sleepiness affects your ability to gauge your surroundings. Illness is another impairment that we should mention. For example, if you are running a fever, you should not be behind the wheel of a car. You are too prone to accidents in that condition.

Stress is one more impairment that can affect drivers. Being stressed out can affect your ability to concentrate. In addition, while worrying about something else, you may accidentally put yourself in danger. Stay off Bexar County roads if you struggle with any of those impairments.

Distracted Driving

Given our packed schedules, multitasking is something that we must do. Many of us have to multitask at work and at home to get things done. Still, multitasking is not something you should do all the time. For example, if you are driving, you should not let distractions affect your concentration. Instead, you should devote your undivided attention only to the road.

Do not use your smartphone and avoid eating while driving. You would not want other drivers engaging in those activities so avoid them as well.

Damaged Roads

Have you ever driven on a damaged road? Even if your car has no handling issues, you may suddenly have trouble controlling it while you are trying to navigate potholes and cracks. Also, you cannot only worry about the damage on your side of the road. For example, if the other driver traverses a road riddled with cracks and holes, they could lose control of their vehicle and crash into you.

Be careful while driving in your part of Bexar County and avoid using damaged roads whenever possible.

Bad Weather

Not all causes of head-on car accidents are byproducts of irresponsible and negligent human decisions. Sometimes, the hazards we face are from nature. Torrential downpours can cause roads to become slippery and reduce visibility significantly. You should stay off the roads as much as possible during that time. Wait until the rain passes before you hit the road to minimize your chances of being involved in a head-on collision.

How Is Fault Determined in a Head-On Crash?

Hiring an auto accident lawyer is something you must do not long after your head-on collision. You will need the services of a good San Antonio personal injury lawyer as you pursue compensation from the party who caused your accident. But how can you prove that the other driver is to blame for the crash? We discuss that in this section of the article.

Establish That the Other Driver Owed You a Duty of Care – To establish fault in your accident, you must prove that the other driver owed you a duty of care. This should not be a big hurdle to clear. We all owe a duty of care to one another while driving, so the motorist in your case will have a hard time disproving this element of your case.

Prove the Other Driver Breached Their Duty of Care – Next, you need to prove that the driver involved in your accident breached their duty of care. The breach could come in the form of negligence or an intentional act. Regardless of how the other driver breached their duty of care, you can take legal action against them.

This is where having an auto accident attorney is helpful. While working on your case, your attorney can investigate the accident and search for evidence to prove that the other driver was either negligent or intentionally harmful before the crash. Your attorney can collect videos, witness statements, and other evidence to bolster your claim.

Show That the Accident Directly Caused Your Injuries and/or Losses – Finally, you must prove that you received injuries due to the accident.
To do that, gather your medical records and point to the injuries you sustained following the head-on collision. You should also note the damage to your property that was caused by the crash.

After highlighting your injuries and other losses, you should have an easier time claiming compensation from the defendant.

What Is the Average Head-On Crash Settlement?

The defendant in your case may realize they have no shot of winning the case if you take the matter to court. Because of that, they may decide that settling with you would be the better course of action. There is nothing wrong with settling your personal injury lawsuit, but how much should you expect to receive if you do that? Unfortunately, it is impossible to come up with a specific number.

For example, a settlement in a head-on collision case could be worth as low as $20,000, but its value could also skyrocket to over a million dollars. Settlement figures in personal injury cases span a wide range because the losses plaintiffs sustain are also highly varied.

To ensure that you receive full compensation for all your losses and injuries, you should consult with a doctor before agreeing to any settlement. In addition, make sure the settlement offer covers all your medical expenses before you even think of accepting it. Account for any damage to your property and your lost wages as well. Also, do not discount the psychological impact the accident has had on you.

Partnering with a head-on collision lawyer who looks out for your best interests is a must if you want to secure a fair settlement.

Do I Need to File a Police Report after the Collision?

Do you need to file a police report if you were involved in a head-on collision? If you live in the state of Texas, reporting that accident to the police is indeed necessary. Texas law states that any driver involved in an accident that causes injury or damage to a vehicle that renders it unsafe to operate must report what happened to the police.

Your priority should be to report the accident to the police department covering the municipality where the crash occurred. If the accident occurred not more than 100 feet outside the limits of a municipality, then you should report it to either the local police department or sheriff’s office. Drivers must report the accident to the nearest sheriff’s office or police department if the conditions do not apply.

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