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An accident of any sort brings with it a multitude of trouble that you never would have expected. Motorcycle accidents, however, usually result in more serious injuries, which can lead to astronomical medical bills. This can place a huge financial burden on motorcycle accident victims, through no fault of their own. Many victims wonder what they can do to ease their financial burden following a motorcycle accident in San Antonio.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash, it is important that you consider hiring a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer who is experienced in handling these types of accidents. Studies have proven that hiring an attorney increases the amount of compensation accident victims receive, sometimes by as much as three to four times the amount you would otherwise receive.

Additionally, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney in San Antonio increases your chances of having your medical bills and other expenses paid for, and increases the likelihood that you will be compensated for lost wages, physical pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Texas Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 519 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents back in 2021. An additional 2,318 riders also sustained serious injuries after they were involved in accidents.

Exercising caution is an absolute must for all motorcycle riders in Bexar County. Always follow traffic laws and wear adequate safety gear before you hit the road on your motorcycle.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

The previous section highlights how dangerous the roads can be for motorcycle riders. But why are accidents involving motorcycles so common? To answer that question, we need to know more about the common causes of motorcycle crashes. Those common causes are in the bullet points below.

  • Drivers Failing to See a Motorcycle Nearby – Many drivers struggle to see motorcycles nearby. Unfortunately, that can lead to left-turn crashes and accidental sideswiping.
  • Drivers Not Yielding the Right of Way – Some car drivers either do not completely know the right of way laws or ignore them when dealing with motorcycles. Drivers breaking those rules can lead to accidents involving motorcycles.
  • Speeding – Speeding on the part of car drivers and motorcycle riders can cause accidents. Keep your speed under control to avoid a potential mishap.
  • Impaired Driving – Impaired driving may be caused by alcohol consumption, drug use, fatigue, or distractions. If you are not in peak condition, you should stay off the road.

What to Do Immediately after a Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can be a traumatic experience that has long-term effects on your quality of life. You can minimize those potential adverse effects by taking the right action after that accident. Learn more about the actions you need to take and why you need to get a motorcycle accident lawyer involved by reading on.

Check Yourself for Injuries

Your priority right after the accident must involve checking yourself for injuries. Do what you can to ascertain your current condition and determine if you need emergency medical attention. If you had a passenger along for the ride, make sure you check on them as well.

Call 911

Next, you need to call 911. You need to do this regardless of your current condition. Call 911 and ask for assistance if you are not injured or ask for the police and an ambulance if you have injuries.

Speak to the Other Party

If you can walk around, you should approach the driver who caused your accident. Ask for their name, contact details, and insurance information. You will need to provide those details to the police and your motorcycle accident attorney later.

Collect Evidence

Assuming once again that you are feeling well enough to move, you can take this opportunity to scan the area for evidence related to your accident. Take pictures of your accident site in San Antonio and speak to any witnesses as well. Collect whatever bits of evidence you can so you can use them in your lawsuit.

Talk to the Police

Speak to the police as soon as they arrive on the scene. Discuss the accident from your perspective and share the pieces of evidence you have collected thus far. You should also note the names and contact details of the officers from the San Antonio police department because you will probably need to speak to them down the line.

Head to the Doctor

Pay a visit to the doctor as soon as you can if you were involved in a motorcycle accident. Consult with them to ensure that you are fine. If you are not, take that opportunity to seek treatment.

Hire an Attorney

Lastly, you should hire a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer if you did not have one already. Lean on them for assistance during what could be a trying time.

How an Attorney Can Help

Bexar County residents involved in motorcycle accidents should seek legal assistance immediately. Why is doing that so important? You will understand why after reading up on the services they provide.

Get Your Case Going Not Long after the Accident: Resting and recovering should be your focus if you receive injuries during a motorcycle accident. While you focus on your recovery, your motorcycle lawyer can start working on your case. They can start working on your case right away and ensure that the statute of limitations will not be a factor.

Gather Evidence to Prove Your Innocence: The defendant may attempt to pin the blame for the motorcycle accident on you to avoid a substantial payout. To disprove that, your attorney can gather pieces of evidence proving that your actions did not contribute to the accident.

Handle Negotiations with the Other Side: The other side may be interested in negotiating a settlement instead of going to court. If so, you can entrust those negotiations to your legal representative.

Provide Expert Legal Representation in Court: Heading to court is not something you should fear if you have a motorcycle crash attorney. You can count on them to represent you properly.

What Types of Compensation Can You Expect after a Motorcycle Accident?

Your compensation for your motorcycle accident should include economic and non-economic damages. The economic damages should cover your quantifiable losses, such as your medical bills and damaged property. The non-economic damages must cover unquantifiable losses such as pain, suffering, and lost opportunities.

Your attorney can calculate the total for your economic and non-economic damages to determine the compensation package you should receive. Note that they can reduce your compensation based on the percentage of blame you bear for causing the accident. Texas law even states that they can bar you from receiving compensation if your responsibility is greater than 50%.

Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

You must properly determine liability to secure compensation in your personal injury case. This is not always an easy task because many think motorcycle riders can be aggressive on the road.

Hiring experienced legal representation is crucial because they can highlight the facts of the case and prove that the other driver is to blame. They can also prove that the other party failed to exercise a reasonable amount of care. They can also demonstrate that the negligence by the other driver led directly to your accident.

Once your attorney proves that your injuries were related to the accident caused by the negligent driver, the blame will be on them. You will be in a prime position to recoup compensation for your losses.

Texas Motorcycle Laws

Your personal injury claim may hold considerably less weight if it is revealed that you were violating traffic laws before the accident. The court may decide to reduce your compensation based on a violation you committed. They may even bar you from receiving compensation altogether if they believe that your negligent actions are primarily to blame for what happened.

Steer clear of those potential outcomes by knowing more about the motorcycle laws in the Lone Star State.

Lane Splitting Is Illegal in Texas: Some motorcycle riders engage in lane splitting to get to their destinations faster. Resist that temptation whenever you are using your motorcycle. Since lane splitting is illegal in Texas, you may receive the blame for an accident if one occurs while you are engaging in that activity.

Helmet Requirements: Any rider under twenty-one must wear a motorcycle helmet before hitting the road. If you are over twenty-one, you can avoid wearing a helmet if you have medical insurance. You also do not need to wear a helmet if you completed a training course approved by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation.

Laws for Child Passengers: You can only take a child with you for a motorcycle ride if they are over five years old. If your child is under five years old, they can only go on a motorcycle ride if they sit in an attached sidecar.

How Soon Should I Hire an Attorney?

The sooner you contact a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer, the greater your chances of recovering compensation for your losses. Motorcycle accident cases generally get weaker as time passes, which is why it’s important to have a trusted legal advisor in your corner as soon as possible following your motorcycle accident. The longer you wait, the less your case may be worth.

Won’t the Insurance Company Treat Me Fairly?

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t make the mistake of relying on the insurance companies involved to do the “right thing.” Make no mistake about it, no matter what they say, you are not in “good hands” when dealing with the insurance company. It is always in the insurance company’s best interest to pay you as little as possible, and to delay any payments in order to give them time to fight the valuation of your bills and claims so that they can pay you a little as possible.

This is why hiring a legal representative as soon after an accident as possible is almost always going to be in your best interest. Having a motorcycle attorney to fight the tightfisted insurance company is one of the best moves you can make after an accident. An experienced advocate in your corner will fight to get you every penny you deserve

How Much Will Hiring an Attorney Cost?

Many times people involved in an accident don’t contact a motorcycle accident attorney in San Antonio because they are afraid that they will have to pay large fees for simply consulting with them about their case. However, the legal team at our law firm never charges an up front fee to their clients because we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only get paid a fee if we recover compensation for your injuries, and you don’t pay any upfront legal fees.

Motorcycling in Texas

Motorcycling is a terrific hobby to pick up if you are a San Antonio, TX, resident. You can treat yourself to stunning city views during your rides around town. Plus, having a motorcycle means you can get around the city faster. Of course, you still need to keep your motorcycle in good condition.

Thankfully,  numerous establishments in town can help with your motorcycle maintenance.

Visit ReCycle if you are looking for motorcycle repairs or modifications. You can also get a new powder coating for your two-wheeler and install new parts to take its performance to the next level. The folks at ReCycle can also address the issues with your motorcycle, even if it is a custom piece.

Next up, you can also take your motorcycle to Benz and Bikes. Benz and Bikes specialize in customizing audio systems. Purchase some of their premium audio components if you are looking to enhance that aspect of your motorcycle.

Phantom Motorcycle Repair Shop is one of San Antonio’s most trusted motorcycle mechanics. If there is an issue plaguing your motorbike, you can count on them to address it effectively. They also specialize in repairing Harley and imported motorcycles. Note that you will need to bring your replacement parts because they do not sell any.

Are you still looking for your first motorcycle? If so, you need to visit The Motorcycle Shop. The Motorcycle Shop is the official dealership for world-renowned brands, including Kymco and Royal Enfield. The folks at The Motorcycle Shop can also help you identify the two-wheeler that suits you best.

Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Every motorcycle accident case is unique – Just like the people and families who are the victims. A serious Texas motorcycle accident can have life-altering effects. As a victim, you may be in pain and uncertain about the long-term effects of your accident. You will certainly have urgent questions that need answers, such as:

  • Who is going to pay my medical expenses?
  • When will I be able to return to work?
  • Will my life ever get back to normal?
  • How can I be compensated for my pain and suffering?

The experienced legal team at Barrus Injury Lawyers can help answer these questions and more. Reach out to us if you need help with your motorcycle accident lawsuit. We will work continuously on your case until you get the compensation that is rightfully yours.