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We assume that we will enjoy a smooth ride whenever we book a trip with services such as Lyft. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen during ridesharing trips, and you may soon find yourself in need of a San Antonio Lyft accident lawyer.

Being in any kind of auto accident in San Antonio can be a disorienting experience. The fact that it happened during your Lyft ride may lead to you becoming even more disoriented. The goal of this article by the legal experts at Barrus Injury Lawyers is to offer you some guidance. Let us detail what you need to do if you ever find yourself involved in a Lyft accident so you can get out of that tough spot.

What You Need to Do Following a Lyft Accident

The time right after a car accident is crucial. The things you do or fail to do during that time could have huge ramifications down the line. You may even miss the compensation you deserve because you handled the situation poorly.

Detailed below are the things you must do following a Lyft accident. Keep them in mind so you can avoid potentially costly mistakes and still stay as safe as possible.

Examine Yourself for Injuries

The most important thing you need to do following a Lyft accident is to check yourself for injuries. That should take precedence over everything else. If you are badly hurt, you need to know immediately so you can seek medical assistance.

Examine your extremities because they are the parts of your body that are most likely to sustain injuries. You should also check your head for any wounds. Head wounds could be indicators of significant injuries so take them seriously.

You should also check on your companions if you have any. Ask them how they feel and if they believe they need emergency medical attention.

Call for Help

Whether you were injured or not, you should still call for help. You can call for an ambulance if you are injured. If you are not injured, you can request police assistance instead.

The need for an ambulance is obvious if someone is injured, and police officers can help document the accident and gather evidence. The work done by the police officers will matter most when the time comes for you to pursue compensation.

Your Lyft driver may ask you not to call the authorities if they believe they are responsible for the accident. Remember that you do not need to listen to them. Call for help because you need it and let the Lyft driver worry about their own issues.

Obtain the Contact Information of the People Involved

Assuming you are feeling well enough to move around, your next move should be to gather some information. Focus first on obtaining the contact details of the people involved in the accident.

Speak to your Lyft driver and ask for their name, address, and phone number. You should also ask for their insurance information.

Request the same details from the other driver involved in the accident.

Do not be discouraged if they are not parting with those important details. Once the police arrive, they will need to talk, and you can get the details then. Remember to also ask for the contact details of the police officers so you and your Lyft accident attorney can reach them later.

Gather Information from Witnesses

You can also use your time at the accident site to speak to any witnesses. They may provide important details that help the police officers piece together what happened. Their testimony could also prove valuable after you file your lawsuit.

Like with the drivers, you should get the contact details of the witnesses you speak to.

Collect Evidence from the Accident Site

The evidence you will need is not limited to witness testimony. You can also collect evidence at the accident site. Doing so may help you and the police officers figure out what happened.

Take pictures of anything that you feel is important. Note essential details such as the site of the accident, the time when it happened, and the vehicles involved.

Your goal should be to collect as much evidence as you can. Any piece of evidence could make a difference, so try to be thorough during collection.

Report the Accident to Lyft

Reporting the accident to Lyft creates an important record. It is a good idea to do that.

This article from Lyft details how the accident reporting process works. The process is simple enough, and you should complete it with no problem.

Once you are done reporting the accident to Lyft, you should not worry about contacting them for a while.

Avoid Speaking to Any Insurer

Not long after the accident, you may receive a call from Lyft’s insurer, your driver’s insurer, or the insurance company covering another driver who was involved. In all likelihood, they are calling to see if you will agree to a settlement of some kind.

There is no need for you to engage them at this point. Simply tell them that you have nothing to say without your lawyer present, and they should leave you alone.

Negotiating with insurers without an experienced lawyer can be risky. Avoid it altogether, so you do not end up missing the compensation that you deserve.

Go to the Doctor

Not all of the injuries you may sustain from a car accident will be obvious. Some of them may even be deceiving.

For instance, you may assume that the pain in your neck is the result of a bad bump. In reality, though, it is actually a symptom of a whiplash injury.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, whiplash injuries can cause blurred vision, numbness in your extremities, and even memory issues. It is a serious injury, and you can describe many of the injuries associated with car accidents the same way. Go to the doctor right after the accident so you can receive treatment for those injuries if needed.

Hire a Lyft Accident Lawyer

You must hire a Lyft accident attorney if you want to successfully sue the party responsible for the accident. Otherwise, you could fall into legal traps and end up losing any claim you have to compensation.

Things to Do in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has some of the worst traffic conditions in all of Texas. That is not a surprise considering the city’s population and collection of attractions. Still, the traffic conditions may scare you away from driving. If you want to visit the city’s different tourist destinations easily, booking a ride with Lyft may be in your best interests.

Set your first Lyft ride for the Tower of the Americas Amusement Park. While here, you can head up the 750-ft. tower and take in some spectacular city views. After checking out the views from the tower, you can visit Skies Over Texas and enjoy a 4D theater experience.

The AT&T Center is San Antonio’s main hub for live entertainment. During the NBA season, the arena serves as the home court for the San Antonio Spurs. World-renowned comedians and musical acts also regularly perform at the AT&T Center. Curbside Waiting is also available at the AT&T Center if you are booking a ride through Lyft.

Make your way to North Star Mall if you are looking to do some shopping. North Star Mall boasts a wide variety of stores, so you will likely find whatever you need there. You can also drop by for a quick bite of good food.

If you are on the hunt for more diverse dining options, you should pay a visit to Pearl. Pearl features some of the best dining establishments in San Antonio, and you will always have new food to try. After having your meal, you can also peruse the specialty goods offered by local vendors.

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