One question that we get asked frequently is about the fairness of insurance company offers, and whether or not the insurance company will negotiate with someone who isn’t represented by an attorney.

When you’re recovering from your injuries following a San Antonio auto accident, the insurance company may give you a settlement offer right away. While this may seem like a good thing, this strategy is often a way to coerce claimants into taking a settlement offer that’s lower than what they deserve. This is simply how the process of negotiating settlements goes. Insurance companies like to test the waters with a low settlement offer, waiting for the claimant’s reaction.

At this point, you should decline the insurance company’s initial settlement offer, but only after you’ve consulted with an experienced lawyer who can assess your case, inform you of your rights, provide you with an estimate of the potential value of your claim. We offer this service for free. In fact, we will review any offer the insurance company makes you, and tell you whether or not it’s fair. If we feel you could get more with an experienced attorney, we’ll tell you that. If we don’t feel that an attorney would substantially improve the offer, we’ll tell you that as well – no gimmicks, just good old fashioned advice – free of charge.

In a majority of the cases we see, the offers from the insurance companies are so low that the injured person would be better served with an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer in their corner. This is generally true because insurance companies have little incentive to offer a fair settlement to an injured party who is trying to settle his or her own claim. They will delay and delay, all the while hoping to get past the statute of limitations, the point at which the injured person can no longer sue their insured for their injuries. Once the limitations period expires, you will probably not get any offer, and any offers previously made will be rescinded (cancelled).

This is why the expertise of a lawyer can prove invaluable, as there can be several factors to your case not considered before. Furthermore, pressing time constraints may make the claims process even more complicated. And as mentioned earlier, the insurance company representing the other driver in your car accident may trick you into accepting a low offer, or worse, ignore your rights completely.

If you aren’t entirely sure how to proceed with your settlement, hire a lawyer specializing in personal injury cases. The days after an auto accident can be confusing, and it can be hard to figure out just what your legal rights are. An experienced injury attorney can help you sort things out, and answer questions you may have.

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