If you are an Uber or Lyft driver that was injured by another driver, and the accident wasn’t your fault, you have at least two options for being compensated for your injuries, which include:

  1. Liability Insurance. Drivers in Texas are required to carry at least $30,000 in liability insurance.  This liability insurance is the first coverage in line (primary) to help compensate you for your damages, which include medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, etc. However, sadly, Texas has a very high rate of uninsured drivers (drivers who illegally drive without the required liability insurance).
  1. Uninsured / Underinsured Insurance. If you are an Uber or Lyft driver on duty at the time of an accident, and were injured by someone who didn’t have insurance, you can make a claim against Uber/Lyft’s Uninsured Motorist Policy  (UM Coverage) to get compensation for your damages. Likewise, if you were seriously injured, and the at-fault driver didn’t carry enough insurance coverage to cover all of your damages, you, your Uber accident lawyer, or Lyft accident lawyer can make a claim against Uber or Lyft’s Under-Insured policy (UIM Coverage) to cover the remainder of your damages.

Don’t Expect the Insurance Companies to Treat You Fairly

If you’ve been injured while driving for Uber or Lyft, one thing is certain:  The insurance companies involved have one goal – pay you as little as possible!

If you’ve been seriously injured in a rideshare accident (as a driver or a passenger), the insurance companies involved will almost certainly try to take you for a ride, and they will do almost anything they can (including deception) to keep from paying you a fair settlement for your injuries. Reach out to our Texas injury law firm and speak to a San Antonio car accident lawyer today.

Don’t risk your health or your financial future by falling victim to these tactics. 

Get experienced and aggressive rideshare injury lawyers in your corner today by calling us at (210) 910-4357 right now.  We have helped other Uber and Lyft drivers recover for their injuries, and we can help you too.