A major truck crash in Lewisville, Texas paralyzed northbound traffic along Interstate-35E on the morning of March 31, after an 18-wheeler truck jackknifed and twisted its way along the road, blocking several lanes of traffic. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident, but it could’ve much worse, what with the truck jackknifing on the highway.

Understanding Jackknifing Any reliable San Antonio truck wreck lawyer will know what truck jackknife accidents are. To put it simply, it’s when a truck carrying a semitrailer folds in a manner similar to a folding pocket knife. These incidents are caused by incorrect breaking or the driver trying to come to a sudden complete stop after losing control of the vehicle.

Commercial trucks are especially prone to jackknifing, due to the heavy loads they carry, combined by the speed of their movement. At high speeds, these heavy vehicles are often incapable of coming to a complete halt, When a driver tries to slam on the breaks, the semitrailer can sometimes follow the momentum of the truck, causing it to shoot out from the side. When jackknifing involves a large truck like an 18-wheeler, accidents can be catastrophic, with injuries and fatalities most common with other drivers on the road.

The loss of control of an 18-wheeler can cause the truck to careen through multiple traffic lanes, putting motorists and pedestrians in danger of a collision. This could have easily been the scenario with the recent I-35E accident. Jackknifing is just one factor to consider with truck accidents. Learn more by talking to a San Antonio truck accident lawyer. call us today a (210) 593-8709 for a no-obligation consult.