Accidents involving large trucks are fairly common occurrences in Texas. It is an unfortunate fact that many residents of the Lone Star State are painfully aware of. How common are those accidents? According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a total of 53,149 accidents involving large trucks were recorded in the state back in 2021. Also, 704 of those were fatal accidents.

Truck blind spots contribute to the frequent occurrence of those crashes. Let’s take this opportunity to learn more about those blind spots and why they are so dangerous.

What Are Truck Blind Spots?

Among the first things you learn in driving school is how to use your side and rearview mirrors. While seated in the driver’s seat, you have a good view of what is in front of you. However, there are things off to the side and behind your vehicle that you will have difficulty spotting. Those are your blind spots. Of course, car drivers are not the only ones affected by blind spots. Truck drivers have to deal with them too.

You can even argue that blind spots are more troublesome for truckers because they tend to be large. When you regularly navigate large spaces without seeing them well, the chances of you being in an accident increase. Truckers must know how to control their vehicle to avoid hitting something in their blind spot.

What Is a Truck “No-Zone”?

During a conversation with a trucker, you may hear them talk about “no-zones”. Though the term itself may be unfamiliar, it is something you know already.
According to the Texas Department of Insurance, a no-zone is an area where vehicles and pedestrians may disappear from a driver’s sight. It is basically another term for a blind spot.

There are four distinct truck no-zones that all drivers need to know about. The first no-zone is in front of the truck, and it extends to about 20 feet from the cab. You then have two no-zones that extend diagonally from both sides of the truck. Lastly, there is a no-zone behind the large truck, occupying about 30 feet of space.

When you are sharing the San Antonio road with a large truck, avoiding all of those no-zones would be best. Give the trucker as much space as they need to control their vehicle safely and do not try to get in close.

Avoiding Accidents Related to Truck Blind Spots

Aside from avoiding a truck’s blind spots, are there other things you can do to stay safe while driving near those large vehicles? There are indeed steps you can take to stay extra safe. First, you want to look for the truck driver’s face in their side mirror. If you can see the trucker’s face in their side mirror, then that means you are visible to them as well. Use that as an easy way to avoid their blind spots.

You should also make your presence known to the truck driver by honking or flashing your lights. Do what you can to alert them to your presence, so they can be more careful while moving around. Drivers near large trucks should also try to maintain their speed. Avoid speeding up or slowing down too much because it may throw the truck driver off. Instead, maintain your speed while driving in Bexar County so they can easily track your presence.

How Is Fault Determined in a Blind Spot Truck Accident?

Determining fault in a truck blind spot accident can be difficult because you cannot tell what the driver saw in the moments leading up to the crash. You and your truck accident lawyer must prove that the trucker failed to check their surroundings and that the negligent act directly led to the crash.

Another strategy could involve hammering the inexperience of the truck driver. Together with your personal injury lawyer, make the case that the accident happened because the driver did not even know about their blind spots. If the investigation reveals that the driver’s inexperience played a significant role in the accident, then you should take legal action against their employer. Mention in your lawsuit that the trucking company should never have allowed an inexperienced driver on the road. Emphasize your belief that the company should pay for being irresponsible with their hiring practices.

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