The trucking industry is vital to the Texas economy. Businesses nationwide that rely on goods from Mexico partner with trucking services in the Lone Star State. The extensive network of interstate highways in Texas also contributes to the efficient movement of goods.

Sadly, the booming trucking industry is not without its downsides. More specifically, we are seeing more truck accidents in Texas recently. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the number of truck accidents in the state went from 46,223 in 2020 to 53,127 in 2022.

Why are truck accidents becoming more common? Truck tire blowouts have become major contributing factors to those accidents. Learn more about those tire blowouts by continuing with the rest of this article.

What Is a Truck Tire Blowout?

A tire blowout occurs when one of the tires on your truck suddenly bursts. After the tire bursts, its pressure level drops quickly.

It is easy to tell if your tire has blown out because the event is usually marked by a loud noise reminiscent of an explosion. You may hear hissing sounds from the damaged tire following the loud noise.

Truck tire blowouts often catch drivers off guard because they do not present obvious warning signs. If you pay close attention to your tires, you may only notice those signs. 

Also, you cannot approach a tire blowout the same way you would a flat tire. Once your tire blows out, the only option is to replace it. Administering repairs will not do you any good.

What Causes a Truck’s Tire to Blow Out?

Truck tires may blow out for various reasons. Let’s go over the potential causes of tire blowouts in this section of the article.

Inadequate Truck and Tire Maintenance

If a truck’s tire blows out, the most likely cause is inadequate maintenance on the part of the people in charge of the vehicle.

Failing to inflate a tire properly can cause a blowout because the tire is subjected to excessive stress. There may also be small holes in the tire that have weakened it. Those small holes cause the pressure level to drop inside the tire, which can also lead to a blowout.

You cannot focus only on your truck’s tires. The truck may put too much pressure on the tires if it is overloaded or misaligned. Those are problems you can easily overlook if you do not dedicate enough time to proper maintenance.

Reckless Driving

Poor driving habits can also contribute to truck tire blowouts. Drivers who are too hard on their brakes will most likely suffer from those blown-out tires.

Poor Road Conditions

Lastly, we must highlight poor road conditions’ role in causing tire ruptures. Potholes and rugged road debris can gradually chip away at the exterior layers of your tires. As your tires weaken, they become more likely to blow out. Your damaged tires are like ticking time bombs waiting to burst. 

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Blowouts

Similar to most truck issues, you can also take steps to prevent tire blowouts. The steps you need to take are detailed below.

Stick to a Maintenance Routine

The best thing you can do to prevent blowouts is to develop a comprehensive maintenance routine. Make a habit of regularly inspecting your tires and truck to ensure that everything is in order. Should an issue emerge, you can address it quickly and prevent it from becoming the cause of a blowout.

Follow Good Trucking Habits

Developing some good habits will also prevent tire blowouts. Never overload your truck and learn how to use your brakes properly. Even adopting simple habits like those can make a big difference in terms of blowout prevention.

Avoid Damaged Roads

As much as possible, you should also avoid driving on damaged roads. Map out your routes in advance to use the best roads available.

Why Blowouts Are So Dangerous

Going through all that trouble to keep your tires in good condition is necessary because blowouts are dangerous. Your truck will become harder to handle after one of your tires blows out. You may even lose control of it completely.

Now that you have lost control of your truck, you may end up colliding with another vehicle. Your trailer may also go out of control and cause a jackknife accident. Out-of-control trucks can also cause fatal crashes.

Avoid endangering yourself and your fellow motorists by taking good care of your tires.

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