There is a concerning trend that all Texas motorists should know. The trend in question is related to truck accidents in the state. Recently, we saw more truck accidents in the Lone Star State. For example, The Texas Department of Transportation recorded 53,149 truck crashes in 2021.

Why are these truck accidents becoming more frequent? Brake defects deserve a significant share of the blame. By continuing with the rest of this article, learn more about truck brake defect accidents, how to prevent them, and which parties are responsible for them.

Common Reasons for Truck Brake Failure

Truck brakes may fail to do their job at a critical time, thus leading to disastrous consequences. Knowing the common reasons for brake failure can help prevent an accident. Those common reasons are detailed below.

Brake Imbalance

Brake imbalance results from your truck brakes producing uneven amounts of force. If one brake produces more force than the other, your truck may pull to one side while you are trying to stop it. However, that is not even the worst outcome of brake imbalance. Some drivers may lose control of their vehicles completely because their brakes fail to exert the same amount of force.

This particular issue typically involves improper maintenance and wear and tear. Consistent neglect could damage your truck’s brake discs, pads, or shoes to the point where they can no longer function properly. Also, since large trucks use air brakes, there is a chance that improper air pressure distribution could contribute to your issues.

Excess Cargo

Trucks are massive vehicles capable of carrying thousands of pounds in cargo. They are heavy-duty vehicles specifically designed for efficient shipping. Still, there is a limit to how much weight you can put on your truck and its brakes.

Go over the weight limit for your truck, and you could end up severely compromising its ability to stop. The truck may be rendered incapable of stopping because of its cargo. Follow your truck’s weight limits and save yourself from this particular issue.

Overheating Brakes

We want to highlight another cause of brake failure related to overheating brakes. This issue specifically involves the brake pads. When brake pads overheat, they have a harder time grabbing the rotor disk. Because of that, your truck may not stop in time.

Brake pads may overheat due to worn brake components, so improper maintenance is a factor again here. The improper installation of brake components can also contribute to this issue.

How to Tell if Your Brakes May Be Faulty

Large trucks rely on air braking systems to eliminate the threat of hydraulic fluid leaks. But, of course, those special systems cannot prevent brake defect accidents altogether. So truck drivers must watch for signs of trouble to keep themselves and other motorists safe.

Unusual Movements while Braking

We mentioned this earlier, but brake imbalance can cause your truck to pull to one side as you are stopping. So get right to work on fixing that problem because it can be quite dangerous.

Loud Noises

Loud noises are also indicators of potential brake issues. These noises resemble squealing or grinding; you should hear them easily from the truck cabin. Again, problems with your brake pads are likely to blame for those unpleasant noises.

Brake Warning Light Is Activated

Your brake warning light may be active the moment you start the truck. However, if it stays on long after ignition, you should check out your brakes because there is likely an issue you must address.

Who Is Responsible for a Truck Brake Failure Accident?

To correctly assign blame in a truck brake failure accident, you must first identify the underlying cause of the failure. For example, you can blame brake imbalance and overheating brakes on the driver or whoever is in charge of vehicle maintenance. If they loaded the truck improperly, you may recoup compensation from one of the shipping company’s partners. 

Some truck brake defect accidents may also be related to faulty or low-quality components. In those cases, the trucking companies and brake manufacturers can be held accountable for the accidents. Work closely with a truck accident lawyer to demand compensation from the party truly responsible for what happened.

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