The trucking industry plays a vital role in the Texas economy. You will find trucks zooming along almost every stretch of highway in Texas. That should come as no surprise since they transport a vast majority of the goods manufactured in the state by trucks.

To appreciate better how important trucking is to the Lone Star State, The Trucker notes that 1 in 16 Texans are employed by that industry. In addition, thousands of trucking companies have set up shops in Texas, and they are crucial to the economy.

Unsurprisingly, the prevalence of the trucking industry in Texas has also led to inflated truck accident numbers. According to the National Safety Council, Texas led the country in fatalities resulting from large truck accidents in 2020. That year, the state recorded a total of 643 large truck deaths. California was second in that statistic with 398 deaths.

Truck accidents happen all over Texas. However, there are certain roadways where they occur more frequently. Unfortunately, Interstate 35 is one of those roads.

I-35 Accident Statistics

Interstate 35 (I-35) goes from Gainesville along the northern border of Texas down to Laredo. In San Antonio, locals often refer to I-35 as the PanAm Expressway. Given the ground it covers, you probably will not be surprised to learn that I-35 happens to be one of the most dangerous roads in the entire state. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 20,401 traffic crashes were recorded on I-35 in 2018. Furthermore, 153 people died from those accidents.

You can attribute many of those crashes and fatalities to I-35 truck accidents. Large trucks frequently use this highway. The presence of those large trucks can make I-35 challenging to navigate for all motorists.

Officials remind drivers that are using I-35 to give trucks a lot of space while sharing the highway with them. They also urge drivers to avoid passing trucks as much as possible. Motorists must also drive more carefully around work zones. They must always keep their eyes on the road to avoid any obstacles.

Recent I-35 Truck Accidents

All Texas motorists need to know the risks of traveling along I-35. To drive that point home, we have highlighted some recent truck accidents on I-35 in the section below.

18-Wheeler Carrying Massive Onion Shipment Crashes along I-35

A recent truck accident on I-35 involved an 18-wheeler carrying a massive shipment of onions. Per this report from KENS 5, the 18-wheeler was traveling on I-35 near O’Connor Road when it crashed into a dump truck. The 18-wheeler rear-ended the dump truck and subsequently lost much of its cargo.

The accident occurred around 2:30 a.m. on April 14th, 2023. Cleanup crews got to work and removed the thousands of pounds of onions that ended up on the highway to make it passable for motorists again. Police officers who responded to the scene believed the 18-wheeler was traveling at high speed before it rear-ended the dump truck. The driver of the truck went to the hospital as a precautionary measure. The operator of the 18-wheeler did not sustain any injuries in the accident.

One Person Dead After 18-Wheeler Loses Control along Loop 140 and I-35 Interchange

Tragedy struck around 12:30 p.m. on January 5th when an 18-wheeler went out of control. Police officers near the area where the accident occurred said they saw the truck roll over to its side before ultimately catching fire.

According to San Antonio Express-News, police officers and other emergency responders made it to the scene within minutes. But unfortunately, they could not get there in time to rescue the passenger trapped inside the 18-wheeler.

The driver of the 18-wheeler managed to make it out of the 18-wheeler with only minor injuries. First responders treated the driver’s injuries at the accident scene. The exact cause of this fatal truck accident remains unknown.

18-Wheeler Accident along I-35 South near Von Ormy Road Exit Forces Road Closure

An 18-wheeler moving along I-35 South was involved in a serious accident near the Von Ormy Road exit. According to this report from News 4 San Antonio, the accident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on February 1, 2023.

Police officers responding to the accident found the driver of the 18-wheeler trapped between the truck and a concrete median nearby. Emergency responders had to cut the driver out of the truck to take him to the hospital. The police said the driver sustained life-threatening injuries from the accident.

The stretch of I-35 where the accident occurred had to be closed so the towing company could safely remove the destroyed truck from the scene. The cleanup crew members also had to remove different kinds of debris that ended up on the road.

I-35 Capital Express North Project

The Texas Department of Transportation knows how dangerous I-35 has become for motorists. So to make the major highway safer, they are building an additional 9.5 miles of roadways via the I-35 Northeast Expansion Central project. The I-35 Northeast Expansion Central project, is part of the larger I-35 NEX project. Other phases of this project will involve expansion along the northern and southern portions of the highway.

Officials hope the I-35 NEX project will make I-35 safer for motorists. They are banking on the expansions to alleviate traffic and make the roads easier to traverse for drivers. This project also aims to reduce travel times for motorists throughout the state.

San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

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