Three Texas teenagers returning from a spring break excursion were killed in a car crash on U.S. 77 near the City of Corpus Christi. Distracted driving from using a cellphone is believed to have been the cause of the accident. 19-year-old Brianna Robinson, her 17-year-old sister Jade Robinson, and 18-year-old Brittanie Johnson, died at the scene of the accident. A fourth passenger, 18-year-old Shelby Coleman, sustained serious injuries and was in critical condition, but is reportedly now in stable condition.

The teenagers were on their way home from an out-of-town trip to South Padre island for spring break. According to authorities, the teen driver failed to keep her eyes on the road, as she was distracted by the GPS on her phone. The car the swerved into the center median, forcing the high school senior to try and regain control the car, only to end up over-correcting and crashing into an 18-wheeler truck.

Sisters Brianna and Jade Robinson, who were seated at the back, died instantly. Britannie Johnson, who was seated in the front seat, died from her injuries at the hospital. Shelby Colman, who was behind the wheel, survived and is recovering from her injuries. The truck driver did not sustain any injuries. At Barrus Injury Lawyers, our San Antonio truck accident attorneys know this accident should serve as a warning to drivers not to use their phones or any other device that can take away your full attention from the road.

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