The truck company whose garbage truck crashed into a bridge in Sealy, Texas, causing debris to fall on a Chevrolet vehicle and killing one of its passengers, was found by media investigators to have a string of violations with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Texas Disposal Systems, based in Buda, Texas, reportedly has multiple violations, though not classified as critical or acute.

The deadly accident on the morning of July 7 led to the death of Brein Bullock, age 12. She was in a car with her mother, Leah Bullock, age 35, who sustained non-life threatening injuries and was brought to the hospital. The Texas Disposal Systems truck was driven by Carl Weige, age 72. Past inspection records with the Department of Transportation show TDS drivers were fined for not wearing seat belts, speeding, and for using a cellphone while driving.

These are a few of the violations going back to 2014. TDS trucks were also involved in at least 14 accidents since the same year, with the most recent one happening in May this year in Austin, which injured three people. Last July, a 39-year-old woman was killed in Austin after being hit by a TDS truck. DOT records show the company owns 160 garbage disposal trucks. Cases like this where a trucking company has a record of accidents and negligence can bolster claims for personal injury and wrongful death.

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