Authorities began demolitions on a Sealy bridge after a Texas Garbage Disposal Truck crashed into it from below, causing the structure to collapse. The accident killed 12-year-old Brein Bullock and injured her mother, Leah Bullock, both of whom were in their car under the bridge. Investigators traced the accident to a clear case of negligence on the part of the truck driver, who had kept the truck’s boom in a raised position, hitting the overpass on Highway 90.

The falling debris crushed the front section of the car that Bullock and her two children were in as they were headed north. Leah Bullock sustained serious injuries and remains in critical condition. Her other child, 9-year-old Breanbon Gardner, escaped without injury. Bullock was immediately airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Katy.

Sealy Police Chief Chris Noble notes that the driver clearly ignored the warning of vertical clearance well before crossing under the bridge. He said there is a wire above the road holding cylinders and a large sign warning drivers that should they hit the tubes, they are also going to hit the bridge. Eyewitnesses say the driver had hit the cylinders and kept going anyway.

Subsequent investigations show the company that owns the truck, Texas Disposal Systems, had trucks involved in a string of fatal accidents and traffic violations. The driver, one Carl Weige, was taken to the hospital. It is unknown if he is in stable condition or if he has been detained.

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