A 5-year-old toddler managed to pull out his 2-year-old baby brother from a burning car after a big rig rollover accident that killed their father. The accident happened on the early morning of October 14 on the North Freeway in Houston, Texas.

According to Houston police officials, the children were passengers in the tractor-trailer their father was driving. The truck had struck a guardrail and concrete pillar, causing it to roll over and catch fire. The impact of the crash reportedly threw the boys’ father from the vehicle, after which he died at the scene of the accident.

His 5-year-old son was able to exit the burning wreck and pull away his baby brother, who had sustained second-degree burns. First responders transported the children to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where they were treated for their injuries. The two boys’ mother was reportedly unaware of the accident because she was in an RV driving ahead of the tractor trailer. Authorities were reportedly trying to reunited the mother with her children.

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