When you’re injured in an accident or any incident you did not cause, one of your primary concerns will naturally be seeking compensation for your medical treatment and trauma. To do this, you need to get legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer. However, there are cases when a lawyer can choose not take your case on.

  • Your Case Isn’t Strong Enough – Personal injury suits need to have a strong chance of making money because a lawyer only gets paid if the case is won or reaches a favorable setup. This is known as a contingency fee, wherein a lawyer gets paid only if the case leads to a positive outcome (i.e. you collect damages).
  • Your Injury Isn’t Serious Enough – Personal injury cases that lead to minor cuts, bruises, and scrapes typically don’t go to court. Only measurable injuries, or those that are serious enough to warrant medical attention in a hospital, are considered for these cases. In addition, your case may have exceeded statute of limitations—this will depend on your state’s time limit for bringing a personal injury case to court.
  • The Accident Was Purely an Accident – If the defending party had nothing to do with the accident, your lawyer will know he or she can’t be held liable. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, some accidents are just that—accidents.

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