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FAQ: I’m Facing a Pile of Medical Bills after a Car Accident in San Antonio. What Can I Do to Get Financial Relief?

After the initial shock and panic of a car accident has finally worn off, many auto accident victims in San Antonio find themselves burdened by financial difficulties arising from their injuries. From doctor’s visits and medicine costs, to missing time away from work, victims often find themselves facing several financial [...]

Is Visiting a Doctor For Car Accident Injuries Different from Seeing a Doctor for a Regular Illness or Injury?

In my many years as a San Antonio injury lawyer, one of the questions I get most often is whether there’s a special doctor who attends to car accident victims or other similar cases. The quick answer is no, there’s no special doctor to specifically approach after accidents. However, your [...]

FAQ: If I Already Gave a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company, Can I Still Salvage My Personal Injury Claim?

First things first – Don’t get into a panic. Although giving a recorded statement to the insurance company is never advised, and might raise some issues with your case in the future, you may be able to save your injury claim – especially with the help of an experienced car [...]

A Drunk Driver Hit Me and was charged with a DUI. Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Help Prove My Personal Injury Claim?

Drunk driving accidents are a huge problem here in San Antonio. And, although you might think a DUI conviction against the other that caused your San Antonio car accident will improve your chances of a favorable personal injury claim, but it’s actually not a guarantee of smooth sailing throughout the [...]

The Insurance Company Is Making an Offer That Won’t Cover All of my Medical Bills. What Should I Do?

If you’ve done all you can to obtain a fair settlement with the other driver’s insurance company after a San Antonio car accident, and still get an offer that’s too low to cover the costs of your injuries, it may be time to consider litigation. However, don’t take this decision [...]

FAQ: How Do I Know If I Need An Attorney After a San Antonio Car Accident?

When you find yourself wondering if you need a lawyer for your injury claim, it’s probably time to get one. And if you’re ever in doubt, just ask. Our team of San Antonio car accident lawyers is available to provide answers to frequently asked questions about car accident claims, providing [...]

Negotiating Your Own Injury Settlement With the Insurance Company

One of the first parties to come and talk to you after you have been injured in a car accident is the insurance company, through a person called an “insurance adjuster,” whose job it is to talk with accident victims and gain a settlement out of court. Some people, due [...]

Dealing With Chronic Back Pain After a Car Accident

Adrenaline can make you claim, immediately after a serious car accident, that you’re fine and there’s no injury. However, when the rush dies down, you can start feeling the effects of the accident, particularly on your back. Unfortunately, back injuries cannot be easily discounted. For instance, complications that can arise [...]

Serious San Antonio Auto Accidents Require Serious Legal Representation

According to a 2014 report by the Texas Department of Transportation, an accident happens in Texas every 72 seconds. Furthermore, someone is hurt in a car accident every two minutes, and someone is killed every two hours and half. In fact, in recent years, not a single day has gone [...]

Do I still Need a Car Accident Attorney Even if the Other Driver was Clearly At Fault For My Car Accident?

If you’re injured in a car accident in San Antonio and the other driver was found driving drunk, texting while driving, or engaging in some kind of reckless behavior, you may be wondering what use a lawyer will be, when the case looks like it would obviously be in your [...]

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