According to a 2014 report by the Texas Department of Transportation, an accident happens in Texas every 72 seconds. Furthermore, someone is hurt in a car accident every two minutes, and someone is killed every two hours and half. In fact, in recent years, not a single day has gone by without some kind of fatality on Texas’s roadways.

As such, it’s critical that motorists and pedestrians in San Antonio and the surrounding counties be cautious while on the road. It also helps to be aware of how a San Antonio auto accident attorney can assist with the financial recovery necessary after an auto accident.

Factors Behind Car Accidents

Not surprisingly, a person driving intoxicated or under the influence is one of the biggest factors behind many accidents. Approximately 28 percent of auto accident fatalities are caused by a DUI. However, a reliable auto accident lawyer in San Antonio knows the majority of motor accidents actually occur because of the following:

  • The driver isn’t paying 100% attention on
  • The driver exceeds the speed limit
  • The driver breaks a traffic law
  • The driver is distracted by a phone call
  • The driver is texting while driving

A San Antonio auto accident attorney from Barrus Injury Lawyers can help you file an injury claim if you’ve been injured in:

  • Accidents involving multiple vehicles
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • Accidents caused by the other driver texting
  • Accidents caused by a DUI
  • A collision with an uninsured driver
  • A collision with an under insured driver

Auto Accident Injuries

The injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident usually depend on factors such as seat belt use, the speed of which the car was moving, the area where the car made impact with another object, the occurrence of a rollover, the size of the vehicles involved, among others.

Some victims have been lucky enough to walk away from an accident with just a few scrapes and bruises, but others have met their untimely end on the road. There are also victims that fall in between the two extremes, sustaining head and neck injuries, broken bones and limbs, nerve damage, and sometimes paralysis. No matter your situation, we are here to consult with you, and help you find a resolution to your claim.

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