Texas can occasionally see some pretty bad weather, which can make road conditions dangerous for motorists. Even light rain and fog can increase the risk of a road accident. Two frequently asked questions are: What exactly happens when you suffer a collision on the road due to bad weather conditions?; and Can you even hold the other driver responsible?

Here are some factors to know about liability in collisions partly caused by poor weather conditions:

  • If weather was the primary cause of your road accident and subsequent injuries, and all other drivers involved acted responsibly given the circumstances, it’s highly unlikely you can claim for damages and injuries from the insurance company of the other driver.
  • However, poor weather and compromised road conditions don’t automatically absolve drivers from liability during accidents. If a driver broke the speed limit, was negligent in some way, or simply broke road rules, he or she can be held responsible in the event of a collision in bad weather.
  • Insurance companies like to use poor weather as a scapegoat to reduce claims from injured victims. Even if it’s clear as day that the other driver was responsible for the accident in poor weather, an insurance company can bully claimants into settling for a lower payment. Worst case scenario? They can reject your claim outright.

Every accident is unique, and your chances of obtaining a successful claim and getting the compensation you deserve can be dependent on the small details.

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