Dealing With Chronic Back Pain After a Car Accident

Dealing With Chronic Back Pain After a Car Accident

Adrenaline can make you claim, immediately after a serious car accident, that you’re fine and there’s no injury. However, when the rush dies down, you can start feeling the effects of the accident, particularly on your back.

Unfortunately, back injuries cannot be easily discounted. For instance, complications that can arise from back injuries can have effects on your range of motion so your movements could become stiff and uncomfortable. In some cases, complications from the injuries can lead to partial or even complete paralysis, which will lead to loss of income and degradation in the quality of your life

This is because your back supports the spinal column, and is central to allowing us the range of movement that we enjoy as humans. If the back is seriously injured, your capability to move around freely and support yourself independently is critically affected

Common Back Injuries Caused by Accidents

Back injuries can lead to many different problems, each with their own symptoms. For instance, it could lead to disc herniation. This is caused by misalignment in the cartilage in one of the spinal discs, and could cause chronic pain that only worsens over time.

Car accidents can also cause compression fracture – this is a dangerous condition in which the spine folds unto itself as a result of the impact of the accident. This puts extreme pressure to the spine, which can lead to weakening and eventual fracturing of this important part of the skeletal system.

Transverse fracture is also a possible result of a car accident. This is even worse than the compression fracture. In this fracture, the spine is twisted out of alignment. If left unaddressed, the constant twisting of the spine due to ordinary movement could put extreme stress on the bones and break the column after a certain amount of time.

What You Should Do

It’s also very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Back injuries sometimes do not manifest any symptoms, but could exhibit symptoms due to complications in the future. By that time, treatment may be difficult. To prevent conditions that make the injury harder to treat, seek medical attention right away after figuring in an accident.

If the injury is caused by an accident that you think you are not liable for, it is even more important to, first, get yourself checked out by a medical professional to establish a case and then contact a personal injury law firm to help you claim for compensation. Get in touch with Barrus Injury Lawyers to discuss your legal options. Call us at (210) 593-8709 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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