A hotel guest was killed after an 18-wheeler trucked veered off a Texas freeway and crashed into a nearby hotel, killing a man in his room. According to authorities, the crash occurred in El Paso, Texas, when the truck careened out of Interstate 10’s eastbound land, plowing through multiple parking lots before finally slamming into the Studio 6 Hotel. News video shows the truck was going at speeds fast enough to mow down trees and smash through a brick wall.

Unfortunately, a 52-year-old guest was killed while in his room at the time of the accident. Police authorities have not disclosed the identity of the victim. Other hotel guests were evacuated after the crash. Police are still investigating the reason why the truck drove off the highway. A section of the roadway had to be closed down for hours as authorities conducted an investigation of the scene. Police say the truck was hauling steel railroad tracks.

Taking Legal Action In situations like this where the truck driver was clearly at fault, it’s important to get a lawyer and file a lawsuit for wrongful death. Remember, the truck driver isn’t just the only party who could be held liable; further investigation may yield evidence that the company owning the truck was partly to blame for the accident, especially if it’s established they were negligent of safety protocol.

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