McALLEN, TX – Authorities are still trying to identify 13 undocumented immigrants that were killed when a pickup carrying 23 people smashed head on into a tree in South Texas. Armed with only photographs and fingerprints, law enforcement have been tasked with the difficult job of identifying the deceased, all of whom were undocumented immigrants coming into the United States illegally from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The accident has been deemed to be the most deadly single vehicle car accident in Texas history. The victims consisted of men, women, and children, who were carrying many personal effects, but no identification. Federal immigration and border patrol agents are investigating the human smuggling aspect of the case, while other authorities are investigating the cause of the accident, and seeking to identify the victims and notify their respective families.

The truck accident left bodies strewn across the roadway, with six deceased persons still trapped inside of the cab of the truck. Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the unfortunate and deadly truck accident.