One motorist was killed in a severe road accident after the car she was in was knocked into the path of an 18-wheeler truck. The crash, which happened Wednesday evening on Highway 84, several miles west of McGregor Texas, led to the death of a 55-year-old woman. Police have not disclosed her identity.

According to Sergeant D.L Wilson, the woman, who was driving a Honda Civic, was turning South on Burkett when she was rear-ended by a Kia, pushing the Honda into oncoming traffic and right into the path of a semi-truck. The impact of the crash caused a violent explosion, engulfing the Honda Civic in flames. The driver of the Kia sustained injuries but is now in stable condition after being transported to Coryell Memorial Hospital.

Local police have said that they would file charges against the woman pending conclusion of the investigation. The driver of the 18-wheeler truck was not hurt. Although the media often portrays truck accidents as having been caused by drivers of heavy trucks, accidents like this clearly show that’s not always the case.

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