What was supposed to be a treatable dog bite has now turned into a deadly problem for a senior dog attack victim. Loren Maxey, age 86, is a creature of habit. According to his granddaughter, Jessica, his days start with him checking the mail immediately after it arrives. And that’s exactly what he was doing on the morning of August 1. As he turned to go home after retrieving the mail, a neighbor’s dog came rushing towards him, biting him on the calf.

The dog reportedly bit Maxey twice as he twisted and stumbled, trying to make his way back to the house. But while Maxey was able to seek treatment at the hospital, his problems were only beginning. According to his granddaughter, his father is in critical condition after the bite wound turned into a massive infection.

The owner of the dog declined to speak with the media. According to Montgomery County Animal Control officials, the animal was kept in quarantine until it could be determined that it did not have rabies. The dog has since been returned to its owner.

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