As much as we all try to drive safely on the road, accidents still happen for a myriad of reasons. In fact, the average American has a 1 in 47,718 chance of dying in a transportation accident in 2013, this according to the Insurance Information Institute. This isn’t to scare you, but rather to make sure you’re aware of the very real likelihood of having a car accident.

Yet despite how common road accidents are, not many people actually know what to do when they happen. This also explains why many people who, after having had an accident, make mistakes that ruin their ability to seek compensation for damages. You can avoid these problems by watching out for the following mistakes.

1.Don’t Leave the Accident
Leaving the scene of the accident, unless you were transported to a hospital for treatment, can be a punishable offense: a hit-and-run. Be sure to wait for law enforcement officials to arrive before you leave the scene.

2.Don’t Agree NOT to Call Law Enforcement
Even with minor accidents, neither you nor the other driver should agree NOT to call the police. When it’s time to file an insurance claim, you will need a police report to prove the accident took place.

3.Don’t Downplay Your Injuries
Car accidents are often traumatic, leaving drivers and car passengers in shock such that they forget to evaluate their injuries. And because these experiences usually trigger an adrenaline rush, it can be easy not to feel any pain. Be that as it may, you should at least seek the medical attention of an EMT or physician to check for concussions and internal injuries.

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