These days rather than taking a taxi, people enjoy the convenience of using an app to request a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. Like any other vehicle, accidents happen.

Uber has $1 million insurance policy to cover both drivers and passengers. While the company boasts “safety matters” there has been an increasing number of accidents and lawsuits filed due to devastating injuries and even deaths caused by accidents involving Uber drivers and passengers.

Legal cases involving Uber, Lyft and other rideshare companies are exceptionally complex. If you were injured in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, you’re probably confused at where to even begin to seek compensation for your injuries. You’re likely wondering…

  • Do I have a case?o
    • If you were a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle (or any rideshare vehicle) and were injured in any type of accident –YES
    • If you were a motorist injured in an accident where an Uber or Lyft driver was at fault –YES
    • If you were an Uber or Lyft driver in an accident when another motorist was at fault -YES
  • Whose insurance covers my injuries?
    • The rideshare companies’ insurance? The driver’s personal insurance? With rideshare accidents, drivers are independent contractors and not employees making it very tricky.You need an experienced accident attorney on your side to navigate these big corporations.
  • How much is my case worth?o
    • We get this question a lot and understand why-you’ve got medical bills piling up, you may have missed work, and sometimes, you may need to leave work for an extended period of time due to your injuries.Let our team of injury attorneys explain the 4 factors that determine how much your case is worth.
  • How long will it take to settle?
    • It’s hard to predict how long it will take to settle your case. Things to take into consideration include the extent of your injuries and treatment, the insurance companies involved and whether or not the insurance company will settle before filing a lawsuit. When you work with our team, we know how the insurance claims need to be filled out along with the deadlines that need to be met. Our team works hard to get the justice you deserve as quickly as we possibly can.

If you’re located in the San Antonio, Texas area,and have been injured in a rideshare accident like Uber or Lyft,we can help. When it comes to accident injuries, we know the laws and the deadlines that need to be met to recover the full amount of your claim. Let us handle your case,and the insurance companies,so you can focus on getting healthy.

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