The experience of being attacked and bitten by a dog not only leaves physical scars, it also causes psychological trauma, which in itself can leave lasting damage. A San Antonio dog bite lawyer will know that once you’re bitten or attacked by a dog, especially one they recognize as being vicious, they often never feel the same about dogs again.

Who’s Most at Risk? Those who visit homes for a living, such as meter readers, mail carriers, and delivery people are most at risk for dog attacks and bites—but even the innocent passerby may experience such incidents. When do you call San Antonio personal injury lawyers? Any instance where you’re bitten by a dog that you didn’t provoke is a good time to call a dog bite lawyer. Other specific cases where you can benefit from an attorney’s assistance include:

  1. The Attack Resulted in Severe Injuries
  2. Whenever you suffer injuries that are not your fault, especially severe injuries requiring surgery and weeks of treatment, a lawyer can help secure the compensation needed to cover the costs of your care and recovery.

  3. The Attack Involves a Breed Known to be Aggressive
  4. Some breeds tend to have an aggressive temperament, which tends to worsen when their owners fail to properly train them. These breeds include Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweiliers, and Dobermans. Owners of these dogs are subject to liability and must pay compensation for your injuries.

  5. The Attacking Dog Was Left Off-leash in Public
  6. If you were attacked by an unsupervised dog that you did not provoke, you have every right to seek compensation against the animal’s owner. A lawyer will help ensure your rights are protected. Get legal advice on how to handle your dog bite case from our dog bite law firm. For a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our San Antonio dog bite injury lawyers, call us at (210) 593-8709.

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