According to a study released during National Dog Bite Prevention Week last May 15 to 21, mail carriers in Texas experienced more dog attacks than any other state in the country. Four cities in Texas ranked among the top 12 for dog attacks on post carriers. The report, commissioned by the United States Postal Service, reports that over 6,500 of its postal workers experienced dog bites in 2015, with 77 of these attacks happening in Houston—the highest in any city around the country.

The 12 top cities in the United States for postal worker dog bites are as follows.

  1. Houston, Texas – 77 postal workers experienced attacks
  2. San Diego, California – 58
  3. Cleveland, Ohio – 58
  4. Dallas, Texas – 56
  5. Louisville, Kentucky – 51
  6. Kansas City, Missouri – 46
  7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 44
  8. Columbus, Ohio – 43
  9. Portland, Oregon – 41
  10. Fort Worth, Texas – 39
  11. San Antonio, Texas – 39

Each year, the American Veterinarian Medicine Association raises awareness of the importance of keeping dogs leashed and contained to prevent dog bite through National Dog Bite Awareness Week. One of the event’s sponsors, State Farm, reports having paid $1.5 million in personal injury claims to dog bite victims, half of whom were children. Statistics also show that the elderly and home services workers like postal carriers were the most likely to be bitten by dogs. To learn about your legal options after suffering a dog bite, talk to the San Antonio dog bite lawyers at our personal injury law firm. Contact us today to get started.