A young teenager from Killeen was brought to the hospital after suffering from a dog bite to her face from a pit bull. The incident happened on the evening of April 15, near the girl’s residence along West Libra Drive. Witnesses say the girl’s face was covered in copious amounts of blood after the attack. It was later found the dog had bitten off a piece of the girl’s top lip, while also injuring her nose.

One of her friends, Emily Redmon, told officials they were going outside to play when a woman passed by walking her two dogs. The girl asked if she could approach the dogs to pet them, and was given the OK signal by the owner. Redmon said that as she (the girl) tried to pet the pit bull, the dog jumped on the girl, forcing her to move back, but this only cased the dog to pull its owner forward, which allowed it to jump on the girl and bite her face.

Fortunately, the girl’s father said she was going to be alright. According to a worker from Killeen Animal Services who arrived at the scene of the accident, the pit bull in question would have to remain in quarantine for observation of up to 10 days to see if the animal received all its shots.

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