A Dallas man is recovering from injuries caused when an aggressive and loose dog attacked him and his mother. According to Cody Kilgore and his mother Elizabeth, their neighbor’s pit bull escaped through their gate, attacking them in their backyard on Kempwood Lane.

According to Cody’s mother, the dog first attacked her, forcing her to scream for help, after which her son rushed to the backyard. The dog proceeded to attack Cody, locking on his neck. Acting almost instinctively, Elizabeth grabbed a knife and used it to stab the pit bull as it was attacking Cody, eventually forcing the animal to back off and run off into the neighborhood. And it could have been worse, as the attack happened just a stone’s throw away from Kleberg Elementary School’s playground.

Authorities were able to track down the dog a few blocks away from the scene of the attack. Unfortunately, it had died from the stabbing injuries it received.

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