An out of control dump truck carrying gravel caused a multi-vehicle accident along an intersection in Austin, Texas. According to authorities, the crash, which involved 4 vehicles, occurred around 9. a.m.. Initial investigation points to the dump truck, owned by Franco’s Trucking Sand and Gravel, veering off the road and falling into the grassy area beneath the overpass, causing another vehicle to crash into a utility pole.

According to Glen Bandel, his wife was driving along Jester Boulevard when the car’s dash camera recorded footage of the truck speeding down the road and slamming into a Honda about to turn at the red light. The truck continued to careen through the intersection, clipping even more cars before finally going over the bridge. The truck’s owner, Marco Franco, said his driver was moving a load of gravel from Georgetown to Jester Boulevard.

Franco claimed he doesn’t know what caused the crash, only saying that he himself checks the truck’s brakes, oil, water, and lights at least every week. As far as accident records go, Franco’s Trucking has a clean record according to the U.S. DOT. Fortunately, four patients moved to the hospital sustained non-life threatening injuries.

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