A Houston pastor and his wife died in an accident triggered by street racers. Harris County police officials are investigating the whereabouts of the driver of the truck that crash into the couple’s car and left the scene. Police have identified the suspect as one Alexis De Larosa Sosa, 21 years of age.

According to the couple’s family, Jesse Estrada Sabillon and Maria Sabillon were driving home past 9:00 p.m., and were just a few miles away when they were T-boned at the intersection of North Sam Houston Parkway and Bammel North Houston.

Officials say the Chevrolet pickup that crashed into the Sabillons’ BMW was racing a Dodge Challenger at the time of the accident, running a red light and colliding with the couple at full speed. The driver reportedly exited his vehicle and escaped on food. De Larosa Sosa remains at large, with investigators hoping to test the airbag for any DNA evidence.

The pickup truck is registered to a home near the scene of the accident, raising investigators’ hopes of apprehending the driver. While the car that had raced the pickup stopped after the crash, with two passengers checking on the Sabillons, they also left the scene. Police are searching for their whereabouts as well.

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