Three people were killed in a violent car crash on the morning of April 22, Friday in Montgomery County, Texas. According to Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) officials, the driver at fault, who was driving an 18-wheeler truck, will face three charges of intoxication manslaughter. The collision, which involved five vehicles, occurred along Texas State Highway 105 near South Walker Road at around 11:00 a.m.

Two victims were killed at the scene of accident, and another died due to injuries after being rushed to the emergency room of the Conroe Regional Medical Facility. A child is currently in critical condition after being transported to the same hospital and later flown to Herman Memorial Downtown. Texas DPS officials say the 18-wheeler driver had failed to the truck’s speed, crashing into four cars on the highway.

38-year-old Chad Fletcher was arrested and charged for intoxication manslaughter. He was also charged with intoxication assault. Although an incident like this may seem like an open-and-shut case, it’s still important to consult the services of a reliable auto accident attorney to ensure there aren’t any loopholes or technicalities the errant party can use to reduce the value of your claim.

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