The latest in a multitude of motor vehicle accidents linked to the increased traffic caused by Eagle Ford Shale oil boom includes the death of five oil field workers that died as a result of a fiery four-vehicle pile up on Thursday. Similarly, the streets of Kenedy Texas are no stranger to similar accidents. In fact, since the shale drilling boom in the Eagle Ford Shale, which was largely brought about by increases in fracking technology, has caused an increase in traffic to the Eagle Ford Shale area.

With this increased traffic, much of which includes big rigs, pickups, oil tankers, and gravel trucks, also comes an increase in serious, and deadly motor vehicle accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale area. Karnes County Sheriff, David Jalufka, acknowledged the problem, stating “You take your life in your own hands by being out on these roads right now.” His comments echo a sentiment common to residents in the Eagle Ford Shale area, including Karnes County – namely fear.

Residents of counties that surround the Eagle Ford Shale, are scared because of the size, speed, and often dangerous manner in which large trucks, especially oil tankers, are operating on roadways that are ill designed for such traffic. And, their fear appears to be well justified. In the past eight months there have been nearly 20 people die in traffic accidents involving oilfield workers, or tankers and commercial vehicles related to the drilling in the Eagle Ford Shale. That is nearly 15 times the number of fatalities reported in 2008, before the Eagle Ford Shale oil boom began.

So many oilfield related traffic accidents resulted in death on Texas 239 near Kenedy that the locals call the stretch of road way “the death trap.” What adds to the fear that residents of Kenedy face is that many of these accidents involve large 18 wheeler trucks, often oil tankers. It’s been reported that truck drivers working in the Eagle Ford Shale oil fields often operate on little sleep, and often are pressured to drive too fast in order to meet delivery demands.

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