Officials from the Department of Public Safety are currently investigating a highway accident in Falls County that led t to the deaths of two people. The victims were idenfitied as 22-year-old Ami Lee Spafford, and 28-year-old Jerry Don Sims. The accident happened earlier this month (August 10) on State Highway 7, just 4 miles west of Kosse. Sims and Spafford were in their Ford F-150, which veered into the opposite lane on the highway, crashing head-on into a 18-wheeler heading east.

The heavy truck was carrying cattle at the time of the accident, further complicating things. Sims, who was behind the wheel of the Ford Truck, and Spafford died at the scene of the accident. Meanwhile, the driver of the big rig and its passenger walked away with no injuries. Accidents like these represent one of the few times that another vehicle was responsible for an accident involving a heavy truck.

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