After a violent crash involving a dump truck carrying gravel in February, a lawyer for one of the victims filed a civil lawsuit seeking $1 million in damages and a jury trial for the treatment, pain, and trauma of Delaney Nelson, a 19-year-old student who was on her way to class when the truck hit her car. Dash camera footage from another driver caught shows how the gravel truck plowed through traffic, broadsided Nelson’s car and crashed into several others before going off a cliff.

Nelson’s attorney, Justin McMinn, said the dash cam video helps guarantee an airtight case against the truck’s driver and the trucking company. He pointed out that although it was fortunate the accident did not result in any fatalities, Nelson still sustained serious injuries to her spine, and had glass embedded in her face and ear drums. Besides facing a long road to recovery, she also has to deal with the loss of her property—her car is a complete wreck after the crash.

“Never Should Have Been On the Road” According to McMinn, the dump truck “never should have been on the road” and the driver “should never have been behind the wheel.” The lawsuit refers to driver Codie Korn’s felony record and the 21 safety violations of the trucking company Franco’s trucking over the last 15 months.

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