When someone behind the wheel car is texting, their attention is on their device, not the traffic or road. Because all the senses are compromised when texting, checking Facebook, or doing anything on your mobile device, these actions are potentially more dangerous than driving while under the influence.

It’s no surprise then why many accidents in Texas are caused by distracted drivers and negligence due to the use of mobile devices. And the statistics don’t lie. DUIs are slowly being overtaken by car accidents that result from texting while driving. Texting has a higher potential for danger because one moment of complete distraction is all it takes for a crash to happen. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), it’s estimated that around 20 percent of auto collisions, equivalent to 1.1 million accidents, in 2013, involved the use of some kind of cellphone.

Moreover, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains that the act of texting while driving is roughly equivalent to the act of driving after drinking four beers. In addition, texting while driving makes you 6 times more likely to cause or be part of an auto accident.

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