A Tesla Model S owner who crashed his car while it was in Autopilot mode has said he is not suing Tesla Motors. According to Mark Molthan, he was driving along U.S. Route 175 when his Tesla, which was in Autopilot at the time, swerved and crashed into a cable guardrail. Fortunately, Molthan was not hurt seriously, escaping only with a bloody nose.

The car, however, seems to be beyond saving. But unlike other Tesla owners who blame the electric car company for their road accidents, Molthan admits the mishap was his fault, saying that he wasn’t paying attention to his driving. In an interview with Bloomberg, he said he had gotten a piece of cloth from the glove compartment and was cleaning the dashboard just before the crash happened.

“I used Autopilot all the time on that stretch of the highway,” said the 44-year-old in an interview. “But now I feel like this is extremely dangerous. It gives you a false sense of security. I’m not ready to be a test pilot. It missed the curve and drove straight into the guardrail. The car didn’t stop — it actually continued to accelerate after the first impact into the guardrail.”

Molthan’s insurance company isn’t too pleased about having to pay for a brand new Model S. The insurance company’s legal team has sent Tesla a letter requesting permission to inspect the vehicle. The car company said it is looking into the accident, stressing that Autopilot is a driver assist feature and still requires them to have their hands on the wheel at all times.

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