A teenager who caused an accident killing 2 teenagers in Katy Texas, plead guilty to manslaughter this week, and will now serve time in prison. As part of a reduced sentence deal, Aaron Jamison pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charges. He will serve 180 days in jail, 10 years of deferred adjudication, as well as 30 hours of community service.

He’s also required to write letters of apology to the families affected by the accident. Jamison will serve a split sentence, first spending 90 days in jail in August, and serving the remainder of his time in June next year. Between this period, he will attend classes at a community college in Houston.

These issues are the result of a fatal rollover accident in December 2014, which led to the deaths of Terra Kubala and Trent Weber, ages 16 and 17 respectively. They were in the bed of Jamison’s pickup truck during the accident, which happened after leaving a party where marijuana and alcohol were reportedly present.

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