A car accident in the Texas A&M campus is believed to have been caused by a driver leaving her car to play Pokemon Go. The popular mobile game that uses GPS to track a player’s location on a map and lets them “catch” Pokemon by going to specific areas in the real world has been one of the biggest topics this week.

On Tuesday, Texas A&M University Police issued a statement on Twitter that an illegally-parked vehicle in the campus was hit from behind with force strong enough to activate the second car’s airbags. Authorities believe the driver had parked her car to play the game.

University Police also tweeted about a separate incident of a vehicle moving erratically on campus in the middle of the night. Police responded to calls and learned the driver and passengers were playing the augmented reality game. Besides warning of the dangers of driving while playing, law enforcement officials have warned against going to unfamiliar parts of the city to play Pokemon Go.

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