SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County Texas man is being questioned by authorities after he caused a massive car accident on I-35 that claimed the life of another driver. According to news reports, the man being questioned was driving a gold sedan on I-35 at around 3:00 am, when he lost control of his car, striking a cable in the highway divider, causing his wrecked car to be disabled in the highways main lines of traffic.

The man, suspected of being intoxicated, then fled the scene, leaving his car behind. His car was then struck by another driver, and then again by a semi-truck. The driver of the car that originally struck the gold car died as a result of the accident. It’s been reported that the suspect fled on foot, hiding in a nearby plant nursery, until he was asked to leave at 7 am by a security guard.

After leaving the nursery, the man was spotted by authorities, and taken in for questioning. San Antonio has had a long history of drunk driving accidents, which the current Bexar County District Attorney has sought to crack down upon.

It’s tragic when the indiscretion of one man leads to a fatal car accident, destroying the lives of many innocent victims.

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