Every year there are hundreds of motor vehicle fatalities on Texas roadways, and many more accidents that resulted in catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Not to mention those accidents that resulted in minor injuries, such as soft tissue damages, and property damage.

And, while these statistics are scary, the good news is that automobile manufacturers are working to make cars and trucks safer to drive. These new safety features are aimed to reduce the number of car accidents, especially fatal car accidents. Not only do these new safety features help to protect those in the vehicle, but a number of these new safety features aim to reduce accidents all together. Here are a few of the new safety features that are aimed at preventing automobile accidents:

  1. Forward Collision Avoidance Systems. When it comes to automobile accidents, distracted driving can be just as deadly as drunk driving accidents. However, new collision avoidance features can help avoid collisions, particularly when the driver is distracted. The technology uses sensors and cameras to detect circumstances in which another vehicle (or object) in front of a car is approaching too closely, alerting the driver with both visual and audible warning signals.
  2. Automatic Braking Systems. Working in concert with the Forward Collision Avoidance features of a vehicle, automatic braking systems take safety even one step further by automatically applying the vehicle’s brakes in certain situations. If a driver chooses to ignore the forward collision warning system, these vehicles can apply the brakes themselves to help avoid a collision.
  3. Adaptive Headlight Systems. Driving at night can be challenging because visibility is reduced, and straight forward facing headlamps do not always alert drivers to the true conditions of the road, particularly when rounding corners. However, adaptive headlights are a new safety feature that utilizes a series of sensors and small motors to predict the cars direction, and then adjust the headlight beams to illuminate the condition of the roadway along which the vehicle is going to travel, giving the driver a more accurate depiction of the roadway ahead.
  4. Backup Cameras. Nearly standard equipment on most new cars these days, the back-up camera is an important safety feature. These cameras help to eliminate rear blind spots, allowing drivers to see objects and persons to the rear of their vehicle before they back up. This feature is particularly helpful in avoiding accidents involving young children, who are frequently injured by vehicles that are backing up.

We all know that car accidents can, and often do, cause serious injuries. Notwithstanding all of the new safety features aimed at making vehicles safer, serious injuries, including those that result in death, will likely still occur. If you, a friend, or family member has been injured or killed in a car crash or truck accident in San Antonio, or anywhere in Texas, contact Barrus Injury Lawyers to discuss your rights following a serious accident.