As distracted driving month comes to a conclusion, we want to remind the great citizens of San Antonio, and South Texas, of some of the dangers of distracted driving.

While mobile phone use while driving, including both texting and talking, is one of the main distractions that account for most distracted driving accidents, there are many more distractions that the National Safety Council recognizes as being contributors to serious automobile accidents on IH-10, Loop 410, and IH-13 in San Antonio, and other south Texas roadways.

Common Forms of Distracted Driving

Simply defined, distracted driving is: “any task or action that causes a driver to take their eyes off of the roadway, and/or their hands from the steering wheel of their automobile or truck.”

While many people are aware of the risks of “texting and driving” there are numerous other activities that drivers should be aware of while behind the wheel of an automobile, such as:

  1. Eating or Drinking While Driving
  2. Applying Makeup while driving;
  3. Shaving while driving;
  4. Programming a GPS while driving;
  5. Watching movies or playing games on a smartphone;
  6. Reading while driving;
  7. Changing CDs or other music while driving.

Obviously, all of these distractions are preventable. As Auto accident attorneys in San Antonio, we have seen first hand that engaging in these activities is not worth the risk these activities pose to the driver and other unsuspecting motorists. In fact, distracted driving has been shown to be a leading cause in serious car accidents in San Antonio, which often times leads to death for one or more motorists.

Take Action Now

There is no time like the present – that saying also holds true for taking a stand against distracted driving, and in the famous words of Henry Ford, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” Curbing distracted driving starts with each person agreeing to eliminate these distractions individually. If everyone makes a conscious, concerted effort, we can reduce the amount of car and truck accidents in San Antonio, and south Texas.

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