Because of the violent nature of most car accidents, there are many accident victims that suffer from spine injuries, such as herniated discs. Living with this type of disc injury is very painful, and can also cause victims to make dramatic changes to the way they conduct day to day activities. However, there are many treatment options available for victims who suffer from back injuries, which can help alleviate much, if not all, of their pain.

One such treatment options is referred to as ESI Treatment. ESI stands for Epidural Steroid Injections. During these injections an anti-inflamatory steroid is injected into the epidural space of a patient’s spine. Generally, most doctors will want a patient to undergo several ESI treatments before considering back surgery as an option for alleviating pain.

The ESI Procedure Explained

During the procedure, the patient lies on their stomach while a nurse cleans the injection area. If needed, the person may undergo general anesthesia. The doctor will then utilize a fluoroscope to determine the correct location for the injection. A needle is then injected into the spinal cavity at the spot of the injury, and the anti-inflammatory steroids are injected into the epidural space.

The anti-inflammatory steroid will help to reduce swelling, which will in turn relieve pressure on the nerves and herniated disc, thus relieving the pain. While the procedure is generally not painful, for patients that are anxious, most doctors will provide medication to assist the patient in relaxing during the procedure.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of ESI Treatments?

Generally speaking, ESI treatments are a safe and effective way to reduce or eliminate pain following a serious car accident. However, patients should be aware of the following potential side effects, and contact their doctor if they experience any of the symptoms listed below:

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Skin Irritation
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Dissiness

Legal Help Recovering for Your Injuries

Car and truck accident victims that have suffered spinal or back injuries in an accident caused by another driver may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Medical bills, such as physical therapy, chiropractic, or ESI treatments are generally recoverable in a liability claim or lawsuit against the at fault driver.

In addition to your medical expenses, other damages are also recoverable, such as mental anguish, lost wages, pain and suffering.

However, generally speaking insurance adjusters will not want to pay for much of the compensation that accident victims are entitled to following an accident. That is why most accident victims will require the assistance of a San Antonio car accident lawyer, or an 18 wheeler accident attorney.

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