Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, you may just end up killing your car accident case’s chances of success. This is especially common if you opt to go about your case without the assistance of a car accident attorney. Below are a few of the most common mistakes made by people dealing with auto accident claims.

Lying – Lying about your claim and any of its details (no matter how small) can have disastrous effects. Providing false information to insurance companies might not only void your personal injury claim, it may even be used against you in a lawsuit.

Talking about your case – There’s nothing inherently wrong with talking about your case. Just make sure you’re not talking to the wrong people, that is, anyone hired by the driver at fault or their insurance company. This can include defense lawyers, jurors, and insurance adjusters among others. Do not accept any attempt of communication without your lawyer.

Public social media profiles – In this time and age of Facebook and Twitter, you can expect insurance adjusters and defense lawyers will go through your Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles to look for things they can use to reduce your claim or divert blame for the accident. It’s best to keep anything related to the accident and your case off social media for the time being.

Signing documents – DO NOT sign anything given to you after the accident until you hire a car accident attorney. Even something as simple as a mini-tort release may have fine print that could damage your claim. An unverified document may also give the at-fault party access to you medical or police records.

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