For Victor Romero, who works for a car service, the reason he installed a dash camera on his car was to protect himself from accident liability. Little did he know it would also capture what any San Antonio car accident attorney would consider damning evidence.

Car Crash Captured on Camera – On the morning of March 18, Friday, Romero’s dash camera recorded footage of a DUI suspect driving erratically along the northbound lanes of the Central Expressway. Just a few moments later, the suspect’s pickup truck collided into a car that had pulled over to assist in an earlier collision on Spring Valley Road.

Earlier Accident Made Worse – That separate accident happened after Eric Mack, 49, lost control of his Honda and was thrown out of the vehicle after it struck a concrete barrier, this according to local police officials. As other motorists pulled over to help, 40-year-old Jose Mendez rear-ended one of the idle cars with his pickup. Fortunately, the motorist inside the car wasn’t hurt.

Local news outlets have conflicting reports on whether Mack was killed during the first or second accident. A passenger in his vehicle was taken to the hospital for non life-threatening injuries. Mendez remains under detention for intoxicated driving as investigations of the accident continue.

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