A man was fortunate to walk away from a freak accident that saw his car dangling from the top floor of a Texas parking garage. On the afternoon of September 9, a 24-year-old Texas man drove off his 2004 Toyota 4Runner off the ninth floor of the Littlefield Garage in downtown Austin. Luckily, the vehicle, after flipping several times, was somehow entangled by the car park’s guide wires, which wrapped themselves around one of the car’s wheels.

This caused the SUV to dangle precariously 25 feet in the air. According to a witness, metal and glass were falling down from the top of the building, and he heard the driver in the car screaming in panic. Bystanders were able to extricate the driver out of the car, who escaped without any injuries.

Austin firefighters and emergency personnel have since removed the vehicle from the building, which had begun leaking gasoline into the street below. The SUV was lowered safely to the ground. It remains to be seen what exactly caused the vehicle to crash off the car park. According to the driver, the vehicle was trying to park his car, when it “wouldn’t stop.”

Although many cases of “sudden unintended acceleration” have been traced to human error, there have been cases caused by real vehicular issues. Learn about your legal options after freak accidents like by talking to a San Antonio car accident attorney at our Texas law firm.