Investigators learned that the blood alcohol content of a woman suspected of being liable for a car accident that caused the injury of a Texas DPS trooper was three times over the legal limit. Tuwanna Moore, age 31, was slapped with charges for intoxication assault and serious injuries to DPS trooper Chad Blackburn.

The court learned that Moore’s toxicology report showed a blood alcohol level of .29. Moore also admitted to having drunk tequila before driving. Blackburn, on the other hand, was stationed on the shoulder of I-45 near NASA Road 1 and on the lookout for reckless drivers on Labor Day. At exactly 1:45 a.m., Moore’s red Mercedes crashed into the DPS trooper’s patrol car.

Blackburn sustained serious injuries to his spine, lungs, and spleen. He is currently under treatment at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. Moore, who made her court appearance on September 5, reportedly told her cellmates that she had been drinking at a wedding and was not aware of whom she had crashed into.

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