A violent and fatal road collision involving 3 cars has killed a driver waiting to pay at a Houston toll booth. According to Houston police officials, a white Dodge Durango was driving at high speeds when it smashed into a Buick, whose driver was waiting to pay a toll. The impact of the crash caused the Buick to rear-end a pickup on the West Sam Houston Tollway. The crash was so violent that it killed the driver of the Buick instantly, leaving the car in a mangled mess.

Emergency responders say the Buick was a heap of twisted metal and shattered glass. Investigators say the Dodge Durango driver may have had a medical issue. The driver was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. The driver of the pickup driver was shaken by what happened but otherwise walked away with no injuries. The woman operating the toll booth at the time of the accident sustained a minor injury and was treated at the scene.

Because the driver of the Durango, which witnesses say was driving erratically at a high speed as it approached the toll plaza, was found to have been suffering from a medical condition, police said they will not file charges. In this circumstance, however, the victims and their families may still have the option of claiming damages. If you or a loved one is facing this situation, don’t hesitate to contact a San Antonio car accident lawyer at our personal injury law firm for a FREE consultation.