Although divorce cases often get the most attention and media mileage in the country, the most common lawsuits filed annually in the U.S. actually involve personal injury claims. We look at the most common types of personal injury claims handled by our San Antonio accident lawyers.

Car Accidents – Some of the most common personal injuries our lawyers handle are caused by accidents involving cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Every year, thousands of motorists and pedestrian are hurt in some kind of auto accident, resulting in fatalities when large vehicles and motorcycles are involved.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents – Slip and falls are the reason why thousands of Americans file personal injury claims each year. These accidents often occur in workplaces and public establishments, and usually involve negligence on the part of the business owner, who may have insufficient warning signs around wet floors, or failed to make a work environment safe for employees.

Medical Malpractice Injuries – With more and more patients becoming aware of their rights, it’s no surprise why medical malpractice lawsuits have become more common. These cases involve determining whether the poor results of medical treatment have anything to do with negligence on the part of a medical provider. A lawsuit may also arise if it’s determined the patient did not receive adequate care. These claims are often very difficult to prove and require the assistance of a skilled medical malpractice lawyer.

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